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Installation Training Program

The Installation Safety Training Program is compliant with standards established for continuing education for system integrators and installers. Accredited by organizations including ICIA, CEDIA and NSCA, this on-site, value-added course demonstrates the importance of proper installation techniques and safety, and addresses efficient methods to reduce the risk of faulty installations. You receive customized, hands-on sessions to fit your installation needs, and detailed leave-behind resources that can be referred to again and again. This is the only AV mount training program with hands-on training at the customer's facility, and is a must for novice, intermediate, or seasoned installation professionals. This course is taught by a trained engineering and design specialist from Peerless-AV™.

Program Goals:

  • To communicate the importance of proper installation techniques
  • To help promote safety in the installation phase
  • To reduce faulty installations
  • To serve as a detailed reference source for safe installation and assembly of Peerless-AV products

Program participants will learn:

  • The proper installation considerations necessary to achieve a safe and durable installation
  • Technical aspects and considerations relating to fasteners and structures
  • The recommended methods of attachment for various wall and ceiling surfaces
  • New and upcoming innovative mounting solutions related to your specific market needs

The course materials include:

  • Student reference guide
  • Misc product brochures & spec sheets
  • Video & power point presentations
  • Hands–on demos of various products
  • Multiple choice assessment of the participant’s retention
  • Peerless-AV Certificates of Completion (mailed out)

After the assessment, the instructor will review each question in detail to ensure that students acquire a full understanding of the course material. Program participants who score 90% or better on the assessment will receive a certificate stating that they have successfully completed the Peerless-AV Installation Safety Training Program.


"It was one of the most useful training sessions we’ve ever had."

Innovative Communications, Inc., Saginaw, MI

"Knowing the installation was performed by properly trained and certified technicians gives the customer confidence in their contractor."

Brad Kestner, Installation Team Leader, Sound Com Corp., Berea, OH

"Not only did I reaffirm that we were doing things right, I picked up on new methods and products that have proven to be time and money savers!"

Paul J. Shanahan, Sport View TV Corp., Brighton, MI

“The Peerless-AV Installation Training Program was excellent! The class was a great mix of instructor-led interactive discussions, presentations, Q&As with real-life examples and hands-on sessions with the equipment. It reinforced the fundamentals for my seasoned engineers and brought my less-experienced people up to speed with both industry and manufacturer product knowledge. Knowledge is key to delivering outstanding customer service. Peerless-AV stands behind its partners.”

Brad Ballentine, Interactive Digital Solutions, Noblesville, IN


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Sales TrainingSales Presentation

Sales Training Program

The Sales Training Program focuses on selling strategies for dealers, distributors and retailers to increase attachment rates and profits in the mounting solutions and AV accessories categories. This course, driven by the very latest in market trends, leaves you with a complete understanding of the product benefits, features, and strategic advantages that the carried product assortment allows. This on-site session, a complementary training for Peerless-AV™ resellers, provides your sales team with a solid understanding of how to sell mounting solutions offered in your portfolio. Your team will get answers to the most commonly asked questions and are provided with resources, such as leave behind materials that will assist with technical information, including mounting hole patterns and other various reference tools, that help increase attachment rates.


To reserve your session time for Peerless-AV Installation Safety Training Program call 800-865-2112
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